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Jayne Mansfield a 1950s playboy pin-up among other things was known mainly for her breasts. Which she in all fairness seemed to love and abuse. However what I want to focus on is her house. Random I know.
In November 1957 Mansfield bought a FORTY bedroom Mediterranean mansion at 10100 B.Hills Boulevard. Jayne  had the house painted pink, with cupids surrounded by pink fluorescent lights, pink furs in the bathrooms, a pink heart-shaped bathtub, and a fountain spurting pink champagne, and then dubbed it The Pink Palace. Her husband Hargitay, a plumber and carpenter before he became a body builder, built a pink heart-shaped swimming pool. Mansfield decorated the Pink Palace by writing to furniture and building suppliers requesting free samples. She received over $150,000 worth of free merchandise while paying only $76,000 for the mansion itself– a large sum nonetheless when the average house cost under $7,500 at the time. Scroll down for more pictures and facts.

 Jayne Mansfield had 3 husbands, five children, and was dead by 34.

 Jimi Hendrix played bass and lead guitar for Mansfield in 1965 on two songs she recorded-- "As The Clouds Drift By" and "Suey". MansfIeld loved music, classical in particular.
 Mansfield reportedly had encounters with numerous individuals-- Robert F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, the Brazilian billionaire Jorge Guinle, and Anton LaVey.
Mickey Hargitay was from Budapest, Hungary and a former Mr. Universe, 1955-56.Their acrimonious divorce had the actress accusing Hargitay of kidnapping one of her children to force a more favorable financial settlement.

The Pink Palace was sold after Mansfield's death and its subsequent owners have included Ringo Starr, Cass Elliot, and Engelbert Humperdinck. In 2002, Humperdinck sold it to developers, and the house was demolished in November of that year.


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