Queen of Pin-ups

Bettie Page is known as the Queen of Pin-ups. I am yet to see the movie but its definitely on the long list of must sees. Page was known for her Playboy shots pornographic shots and bondage shots. However I'm more interested in when she had more clothes on as Page made her own costumes and bikinis most of the time. It is also well known she abandoned her modelling career for God leaveing the world of media and her fans puzzled. Unfortnetly Bettie was diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent the rest of he years in and out of  state hospitals. In the 80's she had a revival but had no idea of this as in a telephone interview she told the prestener she was 'penniless and infamous' she was also living in a group home and was shocked to find out she was famous again. 
Page's image is one that's going to be frequently copied. current copy cats are: Dita von Tesse and Katy Perry, hence my semi dislike for them.


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