i am japanese if you please

I always feel like my pictures are shit, I think its because there my own. I suppose I need to step p my game. Anyway had a beautiful Brazilian meal with my boyf today and this is what I wore. A 1950s vintage Chinese jacket which I got from a vintage stall in Afflecks Palace, Manchester. Although I decided to play it down the jacket will go with so many different patterns I know I can really play around with it.  The shirt is from Zara however I got it from Oxfam, the skirt was in a Topshop sale, sunglasses are from ASOS and as for the brooch I think it was my nanas. 
Has anyone been watching upstairs downstairs on BBC one? well the costume was absolutely amazing and it really inspired me especially with the hair and make up.


  1. That is a rather fabulous jacket love how you styled it. I have been watching Upstairs Downstairs and I agree with you about the costumes xoxo

  2. the jacket and glasses are awesome love!

  3. I love those glasses and that jacket is beautiful.


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