I finally finished this item last night. I personally think its quite Kate Moss come 70's esque. I made it with a sheer and velvet polka dot material. The top isn't attached to the trousers which have an elasticated waist, it then fastens at the top with velcro so you can adjust it to however you want. The cape can also be removed as it just simply ties around. Would look beautiful with interesting belts and fur coats.

its a size 10-14 as its on elasticated waist band and the top is also adjustable, if you would like measurements you are welcome to ask me on here or email me at you want to make a statement then this is for you!!. Hopefully will be making similar items in different fabrics as i am bursting with ideas so please stay tuned .

yet i went to the fabric shop today and it was CLOSED. waah da fuck, hope I get loads of toys to play with as I'm house bound for the weekend but I suppose its christmas and I shouldn't be sewing anyway...but oh well MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL 


  1. Love the photos! Great blog!

  2. pretty! :)

  3. Very cool you made it yourself! Good luck selling.. Nice relax music here.. Happy xmas.

  4. Love it! And the hip jewellery is amazing!

  5. You made that! Thats amazing!

    Ill be following you now, hope you do the same for my blog : )



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