Glam rock is commonly know as a load of men dressing up in feathers,furs,sequins,platform,glitter and make up so essentially wearing feminine clothes and embracing thier feminine side. This has been going on for centuries and centuries. However many peoples attitudes to transvestites is disgusting, I personally feel so sorry for them (not in a patroniseing way) but hardly anyone is comfortable with their body so to me it must feel even worse to not be comfortable with your body that much you want to change gender. All I wish is that boys who wear feminine clothes today such as UGG boots and cleavage showing tops,  would instead wear platforms with a multicoloured fur. However dicks around today would see this as inhumane and men who dress like that belong in a zoo, however people who think like that are the animals who clearly haven't evolved from their insecurities. 


  1. amazing pics! I think it's far more interesting when the lines between male/female, masculine/feminine are blurred.

  2. Looooove these!

  3. I totally agree... women wear "men clothes" (ie pants and suits) so why not vice versa.

    On a side note these pics rock.


  4. The first pic reminds me so much of the New Yprk Dolls.


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