I don't care how awful I sound, I do really like this outfit, sorry.
Right okay, the trousers I bought for my mum as a present (she hasn't worn them yet ekk) they are from GAP, Khaki has always been one of my favourite colours ever, god knows why. The blouse is a nude colour which I adore, I was thinking god I'd do anything for a nude dress when I remembered this little honey, I got it a good will store in America for like a dollar, LOOK at the sleeves!!!!!!!!. The amazing hand made vintage sequin top was from a vintage shop in Manchester called COW I advise anyone who is going to visit Manchester to visit COW, I really really love this top, its not really a jacket as I've got it on back to front. The flower hair piece is something I have just made after seeing them everywhere I thought why not make my own. Also today I have been shopping so there will be more Ebay items up, however my mum did take a beautiful vintage royal blue item off me, but she'll hate it tomorrow.  

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