"we lived on sun light and chocolate bars"

Candy and Dan,one my favourite couple ever. The film it's self feels like an addiction, which I suppose is the directors intention. I think the title 'Candy' although you can argue is corny fits it so well. It shows two different addictions and how similar they are, yet I love how you constantly question which one is actually the strongest,and I feel at the end there both more upset that their love wasn't what they actually thought it was, but then again that could just be because the characters had 'changed' because they had to as their love was so destructive, as if they both knew they had some sort of gotten over each other because they had to, I personally think that is what makes the film so sad. Also this is obviously backed up by the narrative of it being told in 'Heaven-Earth-Hell' I think that is so strong. what makes it 'realism' as well is that I think you can really emphasise with Candy and Dan and see yourself in them although like not all of us are heroin addicts, I think that's to show that we all have different relationships and they are each unique.  'Candy'makes you ask a lot of question which is why its such a powerful film.
Also I have just researched Candy, which I knew was an adaptation, but I didn't know what the book was called it is Candy: A novel of love and addiction the director to me really seems asif hes done the book justice so I'm therefore definitely going to be reading it. 

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  1. One of the most AMAZING film's ever made. My top fav 4 sure!! Gota love Aussie talent!

    RIP Heath :(

    Luv Lora x


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