Its crazy to think I use to wear these shoes to school and get laughed at for the style of them,it was two years ago but now I get people asking me where there from.As you can see there from Schuh and they were £15!!!, the jeans are from H&M, for the first time in my life I've been craveing jeans- what the fuck?!. The top is like a huge over sized see through t-shirt style top which is vintage M&S, I love the white pin head dots on it. My dad who I hardly ever speak to rang me to ask me how to spell my middle name, how strange, its Loeke by the way-  I moan at my mum for not using it as my first name.    

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  1. I had some brown suede shoes similar to these that I wore for school and like you they mocked. I wish I had them now [if they'd fit] as everyone would love them.


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