warning to bank balance

Considering I can't really afford these bad boys, I have been on the look out for some satin (maybe) navy or black platforms for some time, as (my mums idea) I plan to create my own.The Tippi Hedren doll is definitely top of my Christmas list. 


  1. i haven't seen the bansky film because bansky has become kind of a worn-off-novelty! i saw the BIG exhibition last summer or whenever though, the one which like millions came to ha! biggest crowds ever. it was good!

    i hope you enjoy four lions, yet to see it but let me know how it is!

    and i love the miu miu shoes, definite diy opportunity here! X

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on our blog, we really appreciate it!

    The Miu Miu shoes are so HOT and yes, oh so expensive. Goodluck with the recreation =)



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