Iv'e had a crazy day as usual, Iv'e been up so early shopping as James had a JC (job centre) meeting. But he's in a very good mood because he got his shit back from the poliz station (long story) but yeah he well should of kept the plastic bag to keep his Vinyl in. So yeah we went to the cinema to watch the new Bad Lieutenant.Oh my god you will appreciate the first one so much more, I beg you NOT TO WATCH IT. The worst bullshit ever, its like a bad parody that's trying to hard to be trippy, like what the fuck they show an iguana smiling for ages, like I get there bad attempt with the whole 'crack head philosophy' and how they live and their rules but oh my god it was fucking terrible. I need to research the director. Don't get me started on Nicholas Cage,I HATE THE MAN. your'e probably thinking why go and see it laugh duh. Anyway why does this prick think its okay with his highly annoying face to ruin good cult classic films?!?!!?! why?!!?!!?. For example The Wickerman, hence the pictures. 

Okay this is funny, but strange. I was walking back to James's and we walked past a window which I pointed out an ornament that looked like a vibrator (it was one of them tacky gold women). And this women walking in front starting mumbling stuff at us , I thought 'oh fuck its her window' but then I noticed the back of her coat which had so much bird shit over it, it was untrue!!!!!!.Then she started barking at us saying she 'might be mental but that she doesn't deserve having to put with this shit' so we obviously couldn't stop howling then, yeah were cunts. 

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