the petals tore away like orange peel

My mum keeps going on at me that I can't go out in just knickers. If only society was couture or like music videos. Anyway the floral mesh top (yes I'm wearing a top) I got it yesterday in a charity shop in Lymm village where I live for £1.20 as that's all I had to my name at the time. So I bought it to sell, and I was thinking I don't even know if anyone will even buy it, but my mum begged me to keep it saying its 'classy'. I'm seeing it as a challenge to find something to go with it (yeah this is how I spend my Saturdays) but anyway I have a vintage glittery jacket I got from Brats Vintage in Manchester for a tenner which goes very well with it as it compliments and contrasts it. Then my favourite bra I got for my 18th birthday, which is a gorgeous satin orange and it was in the sale again compliments it but it's also really loud. My boyfriend is going to hate this outfit, now something to wear on the bottom...        


  1. Seriously you watched Elephant last night! I was watching that yesterday too! Weird. Gus Van Sant right?
    Last Tango in Paris has a similar effect of the viewer, it's kind of like you shouldn't be watching it and you feel uncomfortable at times but you also feel compelled to watch it, same as Elephant really. There are some hard hitting moments!

    September sees the beginning of uni for me! art history degree! scaryyy stuff! XX

  2. The mesh top look gorgeous, from what I can see of it.


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