In two weeks I will have finished my A-levels, I am going to sort of miss them, I do enjoy the stress and my teachers. Anyway after missing all my university interviews, I have decided to do a one year make-up artistry course. For the course I want to do at university it says that Art Foundation is a recognised thing to have, but I thought fuck it I don't want to spend a year of drawing trees, plus this make-up course will be a lot more fitting as to what I want to do. Anyway the course sounds absolutely amazing and you have to have work experience its compulsory. Anyway me being me I've already had  one idea of what I want to do which is in the style of Oriental plates, but after seeing these I've been thinking how good would it be to do aboriginal style make over, this is by no means different so I will be able to find inspiration, but then I'm thinking what about a film character...

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  1. i miss a levels! and all the hard work.
    i'm on a gap year now and am itching to getting back to writing essays. i'm a geek like that!

    the make up artistry sounds incredible! and all your idea! amazing.


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