Your probably thinking who the fuck,what the fuck, well I've been Shakespeares Sister biggest fan from the age of four. As a child I was obbessed with films, and my dad had a video of all there videos, god knows why. And thats when I fell in love with Siobhan Fahey, I memorized all of her moves in their videos, I seriously thought I was going to be her when I grew up. When my primary school teacher came round to visit even then I made my mum act out one of their videos where there arugeing over a man on the coffee table. I actually use to style myself on her (yes at the age of four) I forced my mum to put rags in my hair because she had them and I begged for a ring like hers, which i've still got. Even now when I watch their videos I'm still going 'ive got something like that', like the round glasses, the scarfes, the over the top glittery clothes,the huge boots, the paleness (the list actually goes on). SIOBHAN I LOVE YOU.  


  1. i cant believe ive met someone that loves them as much as me! they rock my world:) xx

  2. they are incredibly photogenic and interesting.

    the map isn't on my wall, it's a tumblr image. but i kind of wish it was on my wall!

    what a cool nana recommending on the road! kerouac does seem to influence everyone including like bob dylan and stuff. amazingg!!

    boo hoo tv shack not letting you watch last days! rent ittt!!! xx

  3. My Brother was an 80's fan and of Bananarama who Siobhan Fahey was a member. Ever since I've loved Shakespears Sister. I loved Siobhan's make up and style.


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