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Growing up on a fuck load of 90's films I have always adored the whole 90's fashion, although most people just think of grunge, there is of course the whole prissy, princess style too. This obvious grunge dress, really reminds me of my primary school headmistress which I wouldn't be suprised if she had it/ or it was hers its vintage Marks and Spencer from a charity shop in Altrincham for £6. It is a shirt dress with a tie which i've used as a belt, also it was obvious almost floor length,therefore I had to cut it like I do with all my clothes. The socks look like wool although they are more of a mes/tight material and I wore a bra to match them. I did wear some old heavy boots with them,but I'm in a mood with them because of what they did to my feet. Its a shame I don't have backpack.

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