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I can't really say I'm a fan of Victoria Beckham but I love the blues and blacks in this editorial, plus I did an earlier post on the spice there's my excuse. German Vogue May 2010


  1. this does look quite different for VB, i quite like it.

    elephant is an incredibly intelligent film in the sense that Van Sant says a lot without saying anything at all, like the communication issue you were talking about. i think the other big point is how readily avaliable rifles etc. are and how this could lead to the demise of our society. have you seen the other two films in this 'death triology' last days and gerry?!

    i'm studying at bristol uni! exciting stuff!

    oh no coach trip!! that is always on in my house ha! my mum is literally obsessed.

  2. people are going to start getting annoyed with our film exchaning ha!!

    i completely agree, van sant is an inspirational director. the hilter moment was really significant for me, especially because young males were watching it really stresses the fickle nature of boys and such.

    Ha yeh last days, i love that 'the kurt cobain (but not) one'. thats the best description of the film, summarises it perfectly. van sant's interpretation of the last days of his life.
    i think that is where i watched it, pretty sure it worked all the way through.


  3. totally agree. this editorial is amazing!


  4. I'm not a fan of hers and now she's living in the US we don't get much press about her here anymore, thank god.


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