bad case of glastonbury depression

As your all aware glastonbury is taking place, and jess from over at parisiann skies  has gone (so jealous),like the rest of you still blogging into the early hours I watched it on TV.
Then I thought to cure my depression, why not start organising my trip to Croatia.Me and my friend Abi are going to Outlook Festival in Pula,Croatia it is Europe's largest dubstep festival. And is situated on the beach,boats,a dungeon,a fort,a gladiator arena and scary looking courtyards. I urge you all to look at the outlook festival website and WATCH THE VIDEO.
So yeah I've just booked the flights,I got an amazing bargain ten days £155 (FOR THE BOTH OF US) return. However I'm going to be flying to and from Venice. But the festival are putting on a bus which costs around 10-20 euros each way to the festival. Therefore I thought it would be a wonderful idea to get the cheap outlook bus back to Venice two days earlier than were suppose to fly so we get to spend around two days in Venice!!!!.I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE SEA!!!!!     

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