Considering my blog is covered in pictures and editorials of the usual elements of fashion photography money and sex. It may/may not be surprising that I really like Joel Peter Whitkin. I was recommended his work, and I actually love the weirdness and controversy of it. I'd say J.P isn't for the faint hearted but then again that's me, so I guess I'm already chatting shit. To me his work reminds me of how carnivals would have been years ago, like Cogney Island ( I don't know anything about Cogney Island just that I think people considered 'freaks' would have performed there). As well its as if Whitkin is photographing people who would have been I suppose pop culture at some point (I am aware hes not from the Victorian times), and isn't it horrible to think our 'freakshows' consist of people such as Jordan,Lady Gaga and Kerry Katona.
Anyway I was telling my mum what Whitkin was influences are. His main being when he was a young boy there was a car crash outside of his house which involved three family cars, he saw something roll beside the kurb, what rolled beside the kurb was a young girls head!. My mum's response was I once saw a black leather slip on shoe with a foot in it.

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  1. Wow very controversial and what a background story. I saw my Dad trip and fall into a railing making such a gash in his head he needed staples. That really shocked me and grossed me out like a gory horror movie, so seeing a head I can see where he gets the inspiration and expect darkness.


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