kate sylvester SS10/11

I find the 1940s really inspiring,as I suppose its when trousers and women were socially acceptable due to the war.
First of all I love the sock braces and would love a pair (hint) they look so girly yet sharp and masculine. However I don't think my legs are long enough and I never wear heels. The high waisted pulled in trousers, I'm a massive fan of them especially these khaki ones which I  have a pair a bit similar too (I really want plaid ones like the kate sylvester ones).The gemo' checks are fantastic too even though im not overly keen on checks. REALLY love the sheer sea foam dress,like loads why cant I have one,although I like wrap around dresses on other people I'm not overly keen on them on me,and of course my favourite material sheer!!!-i did need this dress. Finally the stand alone collars and pussy bows what great d.i.y's they can be!.

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