Olympus Trip 35 0004 were all taken in Shoreditch House, a sick private members club. I've taken some pictures of the costume but I didn't have my flash with me so there pretty shit. The costume was in the bowling pin/the biscuit pin.
6.A Portuguese restaurant which the crew ate in while filming across the road in a park in Notting Hill. If you've ever been to a Portuguese restaurant other than Nandos you will completely understand how authentic this looks.
7.Houses in Notting Hill, I really fell in love with these. The director lived in a red one which was absolutely beautiful.
8. my cousin on my favourite wall on Longwood Gardens.
9.10. My favourite wall again,on my way back from getting fish fingers.nude shirt is from Goodwill store in America skirt was from the £3 shop 
12. This was outside Farrington tube station after filming in Greys a trendy advertising company,it reminded me of America.
13. London skyline from the roof of Shoreditch house,yeah there was a swimming pool on the roof!
14. A moped shop and graffiti 

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