Feeling these Russian babies. Pretty sure I recognised some one on crime watch before hmmm....anyway I finish my exams tomorrow,finally get a lie in and a film!!.I'm going to scan my photos from London very soon and tell you all about my trip, also I'm thinking of making a cape for my portfolio for university and use the glow worm from Blakes poem 'A Dream', or should I do something really dark? I'm kinda feeling the light trippy spiritual thing though.Really need to sort out my Nas ticket this week, I'm still so excited about Wu-Tang I've had my baby sister chanting it.Ha and I wrote dildo in my media exam, so worried my examier is going to think I'm a perv.


  1. does this jack english kid do like surfy type photography? if so then he is kind of AMAZING. i love the stillness of the photographs. if not then check this jack english out and give me the link to your jack english. and now i sound like a mad person!
    which part of london were you working in?! it was my friends first time there so we did all the tourist type things ;) i'm still so so jealous of you working on a film set man! i so should have dropped by ha!

    yes, glasto 2010 baby! i went last year to, i just love mud so i had to go again ha! and of course you are on friends! you provide lots of insightful comments and long comments that no one else understands but us!
    in regards to the back pack, it was a charity shop buy. i've been searching for so long and this was the only one i've found, but i'm pretty satisfied with it!

    blake's poem could provide excellent inspiration and something really cool to talk about at interviews or whatevs!



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