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Hunter seems to hang from every god damn students wall ever. I remember when I first read fear and loathing las vegas, and I read it in fear,in fear of being stereotyped. I have to say though to the small minority of people who haven't read it you really fucking need to!. Anyway as I'm aware most of you love HSP, therefore I am very happy very happy indeed to tell you his first novel 'The Rum Diary'  has been adapted into a film! and is due to released in September this year. Yeah don't worry Johnny Deep is playing lead, Bruce Robinson is the director apparently he has directed Withnail and I which I do need to watch!. I'm kinda glad Terry isn't doing the second, he did an alright job of the first but I don't know I'd like to see someone else try an take on Hunter,good luck Brucey babes.  

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