How amazing is Tom Ford?!?! even more so for themeing his new eyewear campaign on Hitchcock.Seeing is believing (although I'm sure thats very Disney), and its so in tune with the whole Miu-Miu bird thing, I really love this campaign. Although I have to say he should of picked Vertigo instead of The Birds, hopefully someone will understand this point,anyone?.Anyway the whole thing with The Birds I guess is that they go to peck out Tippi's eyes out and maybe Ford is saying it can't happen if you buy a pair of his amazing glasses-bam I'm sold.  The scary thing about The Birds is suppose to be that its nature and nature is more scary than anything else-its unpredictable.But like I was rambling before the mind is nature so I suppose I'm contradicting myself but then again not, as the whole reason of being scared by horror films is that you should be scared of the persons mind not the amount of blood that's been sprayed at the camera. 

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  1. My Dad is a big Hitchcock fan and loves "The Birds" so I've seen it a few times. This is a great editorial apart from the last woman [sorry I may be a bit of a prude]
    For me a good horror film needs your imagination, not blood and gore.


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