fuck this

Fully sick of my camera I hate it,I really wish I could post more god damn outfit posts. I have so many clothes and so many ideas its very frustrating that 1.I have a digtail camera that's awful one to take the god damn photos where to take them.Not in a good mood at all,oh how I hate having no money. 


  1. i hear yah!! i have no job right now too so in as much as i want to get a new camera for better images, i can't afford it just yet.. :(

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  2. wow this is a amaazing outfit! your top is crazycool xxxx

  3. once you get a camera, invest in a tripod! take the pictures yourself. that's what i usually do. do i feel awkward? sometimes, but it beats getting pissed off at someone for not taking the picture right!

    as for the frustration, write down your outfit ideas so when you have the camera, you'll remember! i do that ALL the time.

  4. girl, chill out hahha
    ok i was like you, i have so many ideas although i dont have that many clothes like you but i got a tripod , they are 12 bucks or something like that
    buy one and self time it and then you will be alright
    i dig your blog too

  5. a tragic situation.
    to get great photos you just need a vintage camera off ebay and then.... does a friend have a scanner?


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