my message to you

coming from an eighteen year old i suppose this will sound very the beginning of this month when i was in london i had a chat with a long term alcoholic/drug user/gambler over a chicken kebab (best i've ever had actually) from this chat i came out of it realiseing i actually get life;myself. 
I believe that once you are comfortable in your own mind,meaning you can actually sit in a room with yourself an enjoy your own company, is when you achieve happiness. what im getting at, is when you can have a real conversation with yourself. your in tune with nature,your mind. this is a why drugs and alcohol are fucking bullshit because MOST are unnatural and they taint the mind making it more selfish than it needs to be. As well the only reason people take drugs is to 'get out of their heads', I think it shows a lot about a person (they lack creativity) you can get out of your head in a conversation and come out of it feeling better and insightly  you pricks . Most people aren't happy with themsleves at all, so they become nasty about others-i am critical yes,if you understand anything at all you will agree i'm in the place to be critical. 
you'll notice when ever you have a selfish thought something bad will happen to you, like dicks who are like 'ahh you can't like the same music genre as me'-fuckin look how shit your lifes are. 
I am a strong believer in spirituality and I do believe there is a God, a god in ones self, and that if we are true to ones self  we get what we reap back-we make our own luck in life.  I do mediate and pray, and it pisses me off highly when people say they don't, but the thing is if they were to become ill tomorrow they would be on their knees praying. Also I do believe in angels, in the sense that you can find them in other human beings.
Your probably thinking well if something happens to you thats bad then i bet you don't give a shit about your values, no.I believe that when you think positive, positive things happens for example to see the best in everything and the rest later.
I don't have many friends, and I wouldn't change that for the world. Because there is too many pathetic people who think they understand life and have hippy values when they don't one bit they are the completely opposite as most are just lieing to their inner selves. Another thing I hate is why are people attracted to the crackhead lifestyle? what's so attractive about it? non of you even get it/it cant even be done now. 
I myself am far from good,but everyone is good and bad. The thing is if you forgive yourself for your badness then your live. 
Another thing while I'm ranting is why do people have to be so uncreative, i understand theres nothing original about nower days but why does everyone in the manchester region want to be a fucking DJ,purse your own dream not soceitys. What is also joke is that most people who are wannabe 'DJ's' mix drum n bass because they think its 'different' and its so funny when they abuse their fellow gimps about mixing dubstep because its up and coming (other stereotypes like it) they daren't like it not even half of you are going to be famous if any. 
this is just a load of jumbled up sentences, but i dont care. I know I'm happy and I get life, unlike most people I know don't have any real problems.

Plato quote
Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.


  1. I agree with so much of what you said Olivia. Everyone is always on the search for happiness but they will never find it if they are not content with themselves. Stop searching and get to know who you are and what you want :) xo

  2. About the alcohol and the drugs- you have to remember that you cant group every single person into one category. Some people become inspired with drugs and alcohol and that inspiration carries on even when they're sober. It is possible for a person to be in harmony with themselves when sober even if they enjoy getting tipsy once in a while.

    And the only reason why people take drugs is not to "get out of their heads", many people try drugs to discover something new that they chemically would not have thought of when sober.

    Everything is in the end a chemical process, and if chemicals are needed to get rid of anxiety, then be it. It depends on the person. What's so different between the chemicals a psychologist prescribes from alcohol?

    Though obviously I don't beleive in abusing these substances.


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