Olympus Trip 35 0003

1.Plane, on the train on the way to Surrey. Don't you think astonishing how many planes there are in London?.I saw this crazy flat building that looked as if Batman lived there, it was great.
2.Sweet shop in Waterloo train station
3.Brick Lane on the film set of Junkhearts
4. Graffiti on Brick Lane
5. Brick Lane on the set of Junkhearts
6. Graffiti on Brick Lane
7. Boyfriend looking like Edward Norton
8. One of Guildford's high streets
9. Me wearing my cousins Topshop dress in Guildford
10. My cousin at Nandos
11. At Surrey University, platforms are from the 90's and cost me £3
12. Sunglasses £1.50,Indian Jewellery £3 absolutely beautiful there will be more photos its part of a set!,Topshop top which I got  inspiration from Iris from Taxi Driver.
13. same as before
14. same as before

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  1. like these too really grundy even though thye're alot more raw reminds me of something out of id mag



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