The eternally stylish sisters of the black moon

I have had such a strange apathy this week, christmas has really got to me. my apathy is that I shouldn't bother wasting time disliking nasty people and moaning about them and how much they irritate me but that I should just feel sorry for them that they are nasty and feel the need to be nasty and put others down .note no one has been nasty to me and im not being bullied, however others arent so lucky to not have dicks in their life. I'm not saying people should let pricks walk all over them but they should  just simply nod and aw and them. Another thing as well while on the subject of people, having to constantly use public transport and just be outside you cant avoid but come across people that HAVE to say something to you about what your wearing, most of the time its because they are weirded out and can't understand why you dont have uggs on,but what I have also learnt is to just nod and laugh at these because how unfortue are they to be so narrow minded and unevolved. plus most of the time people just speak for the sake of speaking. 


  1. wow, very bohemian and the color hues on the images!

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  2. Just think of the eye-candy treat you're giving people each time you step out the door - it's your daily gift to the world. Really, it is. That's how I process the stares and strange looks - I just think it's something they can go home and talk about over the dinner table. You're inspiring people everyday. Oh, I really need those embellished, green, high-waisted pants!!! xo

  3. I adore this shoot, everything is perfect! I would be the proud owner of any of those pieces of clothing!
    Agree with you too :D

  4. I totally agree with you. some people are just rude and ignorant, but i say who cares?! let them be however they please, just be the bigger person and walk away. good advice!

    p.s. thanks for checking out my blog, i deeply appreciate it and come back soon :)



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