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Altanta De Cadenet Taylor photographed by the Cobra Snake for Exit magazine. I would like to thank the fabulous vintage veggie  (make sure you go and get your greens!)for her beautiful blog award, things like that really drive my creativity even more. THANK YOU to everyone who comes by and inspires me to be a werido. Also I had such a good conversation today with a 13 year old girl from the Philippines (she knows a family member) the reason it was so good was when I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up her answer was 'I want to be young forever'. This is something I always think about a lot - hardly no one values being young most take it for granted.Most children are either not given the chance or they chose not to make the most of their child hood. Although I did want to desperately be older when I was younger, I can't deny the fact despite the troubles,no fuck that even the troubles I had the most amazing childhood which I wouldn't change for the world, I just wish everyone was able to say that.I think my hanging around in charity shops is really starting to effect me :)    


  1. what a fabulous her

  2. Great pics, she's beautiful

  3. i love this editorial. she looks so gorgeous

  4. Hi the trip aaahh i bided for that on ebay the other month then at the lat moment someone outbid me i was soo sad lol i actually thought i had won! lol

    like these photographs esp the black and white one

    really!!! £8 for thrree!!!!! im shocked someone else told me that and i went online and couldn't find any...imma have to go instore thanku soo much for telling me that]
    you've saved me alot of money!!!!

    i'd love to see more fo your film work you should put it up

    and btw u post some fabulous pics!!!


  5. hankyou , its interesting innit

    so cuz its boots film do u have to get in developed there? or could i still get it printed at jessops

    and if not how long does boots take to print?

    you wouldn't think the camera was heavy i thought it looked super light.. thats weird =s

    the developing...yeah but sometimes it can be very stressful like istart to doubt myself and wonder if idid anything wrong
    and how if it doesn't come out i would be soo disappointed but thats never happened go forbid!! i'd say less exciting more more nerve wracking

    how ever i like putting the paper in the developer and seeing the image appear thats a gr8 feeling and very addictive lol

    yeah i was trying too look to see some of your work but couldn't find it

    i c the link now



  6. LOVE these photos. absolutely obsessed.


  7. WOW! I love these photos so much. They are really inspirational. They basically show the style that I would like to experiment with.

  8. Needing a leopard coat even more so now!


  9. shes looks really pretty in all of this.
    i really love the dress and the rest too but this dresss just really good on her!
    you know we support your weirderness hahhaha
    i think your blog is just awesome .
    have a nice weekend babe!


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