'the most important thing in life is desire'

'Cracks' directed by Jordan Scott (Ridley Scott's daughter), a vaguely slow non developing film set in a very posh school in the 1930's. Your probably thinking why are you writing about it if you think that.I was so impressed with the costume is untrue, I'm never if hardly ever bowled over and this film had my jaw on the floor. The  pictures don't even convey how amazing the costume is, by far the best I've seen so far,seriously. The head scarfes,textures,silks,mix of patterns and of course the wide leg trousers AND the long drawn eyebrows are well literally drool worthy SERIOUSLY. Being the gimp I am I researched the  costume designer Allison Byrne and found a wonderful interview with her here. Also Miss G the woman in the photos is the beautiful Gothic  Eva Green who you may recognise from Casino Royale and has been linked to fashion house Dior. However don't be fooled theres many other faces you definitely won't be forgetting.someone please watch it!
I really want my hair like Maria Valverde II (the girl in the blue) but I'm too scared.


  1. Oh my gosh i have to see this! you've already drawn me in with the pictures let alone the words! :)

  2. Dooooo it! I know someone with a haircut kind of like that and it looks pretty good. If it doesn't, you can always cut the other side and rock a cute bob. :)


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