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I can remember being ten years old on a friday with my nana and grandad and seeing the video cover for secretary (directed by Steven Shainberg) and thinking, I want to watch that.Well I've finally watched it (8 years later) and it was worth the wait. When I read it was a rom-com my thoughts straight away was ruined already, however it pleasantly surprised me with its different storyline. Like most people (I hope) being a non sadomasochist I did find it hard to understand yet I think that's how every relationship is,if your not apart of it you have no fucking idea. How they were 'born' again when they found each other was great, I really liked that point.The casting of Maggie Gyllenhaal worked great I thought and if I get round to I'm hopefully going to watch Sherrybaby has anyone watched that? 


  1. Haven't watch this one either... I need to make a list of all the movies you recommend hehe!
    Buy I will rent this one for sure!

  2. one of ma fav film. lol. you watch it with your nana?
    bless. :D

  3. agreed. secretary is an awesome film.


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