global cooling

despite being very unimpressed with Lagerfields Fall 2010 range, I have to say the ice berg was fucking sick. Heres some facts about the giant ice cube...
35 sculptors from around the world made it with
250 tons of 'snice' was used to create it
which took them 6 days
it measured 8.5 at the highest point 
and the glacier was -4 degrees
2,500 people came to see it
10 looks show cased that took
20 minutes to parade 
in 1 cm of water
which resulted in 2 shoes being lost in the ice berg water

By the way has anyone seen the Chanel ice cube bag? I personally think its disgustingly tacky!!.


  1. I haven't seen the Chanel Ice Cube bag have to publish it ahaha.
    I just hope the iceberg was put there for a reason , the reson to make people aware of global heating and not cooling. Because if we don't protect our nature, there will be no more need for Chanel Coats and woolen Boots.

  2. Wow, what an amazing collection! Karl always surprise us with original ideas every season, I love the black and white contrast!

    great blog girl, I follow ;)


  3. The set IS incredible, though it makes one wonder... can designers really compensate for a mediocre collection with some mindblowing set design?

    Not to mention only people like Lagerfeld can afford to build enormous icebergs on the runway!

    Interesting food for thought.



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