i'm gonna lay back and laugh at the sun

This outfit is a bit of a mix match but the concept is there. Okay the shirt is from Topshop and Iv'e tied it at the front a long with belt,it has a 70's floral patter on it. The trousers are from H&M for a bargain of £15.The trusty Indian necklace cost me £3 along with earrings which I need to post. The bag is a crotchet back pack,doesn't really go I know its from Next but I got it on eBay, as for the shoes they cost me £3 I'm thinking of dying them black what do you think?.
I've got a lookbook,so please hpye and comment me so I can become a fan of you etc etc. Looks like I'm going out tonight, as in all night MAY THE LORD BE WITH ME.I received a phone call earlier asking to come down to London to work in the costume department for a short film, so fucking bummed I can't go because its when my driving test is (to late to cancel), so I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I pass.Other wise your going to have a very moany person. and darlings,have a good one.


  1. great look! love the mixy matchy :)

  2. this outfit is kinda like 70s in a way, im loving it, ill hype too. im in lookbook too but i m always forget to post there.
    liking this floral top!


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