pom poms

absolutely love Sonia Rykiel's pom-poms. They give the outfits a playful childish look but still a serious kinda look,for instance the military coat.  Another thing I love is the nude colours, but mostly how happy the models look, it completely compliments the pom poms as they look playful and fun too. I think a D.I.Y is in order...


  1. I wanna give them a squeeze!

  2. Love the photos
    cool post, you have an awesome blog!

    Hope you can check out mine :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I love the pom-poms. I've been obsessed with pom-poms ever since DVF came out with those pom-pom winter hats. The rest of the collection is really nice too!

    Take a peek:

  4. the pom poms are actually quite cute, no? these pictures make me want to DIY one haha.

    thanks for the comment lovely!



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