sea green

I saw these pictures when I first started blogging and oh-my-god I love them. The thing is though you always see girls with badly dyed hair like this but its never pulled off like this.This girl holds her own and to be fair its wonderfully shit.


  1. I agree she really works the hair colour.

  2. yes, that really looks great on her - however it's the matter of lightening and great cloths she's wearing - not only the self confidence ;)

    thnx for ur comment
    right now i'm adding u to my link list and of course to my bloglovin.


  3. girl, i cannot keep up with you,
    you post a thousand posts a day hahah
    anyways i love love her knit sweater so badass!

  4. that takes one badass chick to make that color look good, but she does

  5. great picture very inspiring


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