Lets shag ass

I can remember watching The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson) when it first came out, and when ever I tap my marriage finger against something and my finger nail makes a noise it reminds me of Margot, Gwyneth Paltrow's character who has half a finger, I really don't know why. I can even remember wearing a pen lid on it to make it likes hers (I was 10). I don't know what it is about her character that makes her so intriguing, yet again that's the whole idea of her character. This film relies a lot on character building (like all families), and of course like all families there very strange.The casting is brillant, and I have to give their actors their due they played their characters perfectly and it actually felt like realistic relationships between them  . Royal Tenebaum is exactly how I'd imagine my grandad to be- an "asshole" as they quite rightly put it,but an "asshole" you can't help but love.  Anyway heres a boring fact which amused me, Ritchie Tenebaum has a bird which he lets go, it them comes back to him but the feathers are different...this is because it was stolen when filming and held for ransom (ha),so they had to find another bird... 

And this is the Ronson's version of The Tenebaums


  1. damn, i really need to watch this movie.

  2. i remember watching the movie
    and bein infatuated with margot
    and i remember this editorial with the ronson family!

  3. Just love this

  4. i loved this film! I love the ronsons too, the editorial with them is brilliant! xx


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