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Buffalo 66 is a very original film, again its a rom-com but a decent one. directed by Vincent Gallo who plays the main character Billy (quite good looking) anyway no matter how much you hate Billy you can't help but like him. Like you realise as the film progresses hes just a immature boy an that he just doesn't understand the good points of life as he hasn't seen them yet. Billy's mum is played by Anjelica Hutson however shes barely recognisable which is good considering $20,000 was spent on her wig!. And the house its filmed in, is the actual house where Vincent Gallo grew up in,so maybe its a bit of a bio-pic?. The film also stars 18 year old Christina Ricci as Llaya, who does an amazing spot light tap dance. And I LOVE Billy's red boots (hes very rockabilly), hes literally too big for his boots.  heres a 1998 interview with christina and some great photos

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  1. My fav film and I love Vincent, christina and Anjelica XXXX


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